Quiz Test

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  1. What is the term “teacup Havanese” referring to? a) A breed of miniature Havanese dogs b) Havanese puppies that can fit in a teacup c) A marketing term used to describe undersized Havanese dogs
  2. True or False: Teacup Havanese dogs are recognized as a separate breed by major kennel clubs. a) True b) False
  3. What is the average weight range for a standard-sized Havanese dog? a) 1-3 pounds b) 5-8 pounds c) 10-15 pounds
  4. Why is the term “teacup Havanese” controversial? a) They are prone to more health issues than standard-sized Havanese b) It promotes breeding practices that prioritize size over health c) Both A and B
  5. Which of the following statements about teacup Havanese is true? a) They have a longer lifespan compared to standard-sized Havanese b) They require less exercise and grooming than standard-sized Havanese c) They may suffer from various health problems due to their size
  6. What is the main concern when considering getting a teacup Havanese? a) Finding a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health of the dogs b) Ensuring they are compatible with other pets in the household c) Providing a larger living space to accommodate their small size
  7. True or False: Teacup Havanese dogs are suitable for families with young children. a) True b) False
  8. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a potential health issue for teacup Havanese? a) Hypoglycemia b) Heart problems c) Joint and bone disorders d) All of the above are mentioned as potential health issues
  9. What is the suggested alternative to purchasing a teacup Havanese? a) Adopting a standard-sized Havanese from a rescue organization b) Purchasing a standard-sized Havanese from a reputable breeder c) Choosing a different small-sized dog breed
  10. True or False: Teacup Havanese dogs require the same amount of care and attention as standard-sized Havanese. a) True b) False

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